Your Guide to Dual Double DIN

Many factory double DIN systems today are outdated and don’t include the latest technologies. Fortunately, upgrading your dual double DIN system is easy. We have created a list of our top recommendations based on ease of installation and customer reviews.

What Is a Dual Double DIN?

A dual double DIN is a dual car stereo audio system. It refers to a stereo system that is double the standard height of a DIN. A dual double DIN is good for the following purposes:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: A dual double DIN allows you to connect your smartphone to your vehicle using Bluetooth. This means you can stream your favorite songs right from your smartphone.
  • Improved safety: Because a dual double DIN system also gives you hands-free capabilities, it can help to keep your focus on the road. This can make driving safer by reducing distractions.
  • Touch screen access: Most modern radios today are touch screens. Even if your vehicle didn’t come with a touch screen, upgrading to a dual double DIN can help you take advantage of one.
  • Access to other programs: A dual double DIN can also allow you to access other programs, like an MP3 player, CDs, AM/FM radio, or even your SD card.

    A dual double DIN system is an easy way to upgrade your vehicle’s technology. Make your commute more enjoyable with the ability to stream your favorite songs or make phone calls hands-free.

    Types of Dual Double DIN

    Here are a few types of dual double DIN systems to consider:

    Touch-Screen Dual Double DIN System

    A touch-screen dual double DIN system allows you to access your phone’s apps by touching the screen. The Dual XDVD276BT LCD Touch Screen Double Din Car Stereo is 6.2 inches in size and comes with Bluetooth or USB connectivity. The system also supports most music streaming apps, including Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Spotify. This universal radio fits most vehicles.

    Dual XDVD276BT 6.2

    Dual Electronics


    Dual Double DIN with Rearview Camera Support

    If you have a vehicle with a rearview safety feature, then you want a dual double DIN system that can stream your feed. The P.L.Z. MP-800 Car Entertainment Multimedia System supports both a front and rear camera view. It also comes with many useful technology features like Bluetooth and USB connectivity, plus the ability to use Facebook or Skype.

    P.L.Z MP-800 Car Entertainment Multimedia System – 7 Inch Double Din HD Touchscreen Monitor Car Stereo – MP5 Player Bluetooth Car Radio Receiver – Supports Rear Front View Camera, MP3, USB, AUX

    DVD Dual Double DIN

    With a DVD dual double DIN system, you can play your favorite DVD or CDs. You can also use it to listen to your favorite radio stations with an AM/FM receiver. The Planet Audio P9628B Car DVD Player is 6.2-inches in size and has MP3, CD, DVD, AM/FM, and hands-free phone call capabilities. It also features a universal fit with a touch screen.

    Planet Audio P9628B Car DVD Player – Double Din, Bluetooth Audio and Hands-Free Calling, 6.2 Inch LCD Touchscreen Monitor, MP3 Player, CD, DVD, WMA, USB, SD, AUX In, AM/FM Radio Receiver

    Planet Audio


    How to Choose a Dual Double DIN

    As long as your vehicle is double DIN-compatible, then a dual double DIN unit should fit properly. However, you do want to consider the size of the screen. A larger screen may be easier to view, allowing better access to your apps.

    In addition to size, you also want to choose a dual double DIN system that has the features that are most important to you. A few features available in a dual double DIN system to consider include:

    • Touch-screen capabilities
    • Hands-free phone calling
    • USB connectivity
    • Bluetooth connectively
    • Apple CarPlay
    • Android Auto
    • AM/FM radio
    • CD player

      Different systems also come in different designs. You may choose a dual double DIN system that comes in a neutral color, or you might go with a bold design pattern.

      You might also consider things like price and brand. Choosing the cheapest dual double DIN system may not be the best idea, as you want a system that works well. However, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune to get a durable, high-quality unit.

      How to Replace/Install a Dual Double DIN

      Disclaimer: The guidelines in this story are general and not meant to replace instructions for your specific vehicle. Please consult your owner’s manual or repair guide before attempting repairs.

      You can install a dual double DIN system with the following steps:

      Prep Your Vehicle

      Get ready for the installation of your dual double DIN system by unboxing your unit and harness. Make sure the vehicle is off and then lift the hood. Disconnect the battery cable from the negative battery and remove it from the vehicle.

      Remove the Previous Stereo

      Move to the inside of the vehicle and remove the previous stereo. The exact process may differ depending on how your vehicle is set up. You will need to disconnect the stereo wiring and cable from the outlets, which you can find behind the stereo. You may be able to find additional information on how to do this in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

      Install the Adapter

      Place the double DIN adapter into the mounting dock, which should now be empty. Pull the wiring and cable from the back and plug them into the wiring harness. You can learn where to connect different colors using the harness manual.

      Pull the wiring adapter into the outlets on the system’s rear panel. Connect the antenna cable with the FM antenna outlet, which is commonly located on the lower left of the radio’s stereo panel.

      Insert the New System

      Slide the new audio system into the dock. Push it gently until it clicks into place. Replace the panels you removed in the first step and then return the battery. Re-attach the battery clamp to the negative battery and tighten until they’re secure. Close the hood and check that the new unit works.

      You can replace a broken system following the same steps.

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