Why You Should Winterize Your Car

Winter weather can have a significant impact on the operation of your car. If you don’t take the proper precautions, cold weather and inclement elements may compromise the safety and reliability of your vehicle.


We’re proud to offer winterization services here at our service center in Madison, Wisconsin. Schedule an appointment with us at any time. For now, here are some of the primary reasons why we’d recommend winterizing your vehicle:


Why Winterize Your Vehicle?


  •  Winterization can help you save money in the long run. By making smaller investments now, including investments in antifreeze and new windshield wipers, you can potentially avoid more serious hazards or maintenance issues. In the long run, these smaller winterization steps can actually prevent you from more costly vehicle repair needs.
  •  Winterizing is a way to preserve your tires. Buying new tires can be expensive, and sooner or later, it’s something that all vehicle owners need to do. However, by ensuring that your tires are properly inflated for the winter season, you can actually extend the lifespan of those tires for a little while longer.
  •  Winterization keeps you and your passengers safe. Winterization isn’t just about preserving your car, or about saving you money. It’s also about keeping you safe. New windshield wipers improve visibility. The right tire care improves your traction, even when driving on icy or snow-covered roads. Winterization protects you and the people on the road with you.


Learn More About Winterization from Our Car Dealership in Madison, WI


At Zimbrick, we’re committed to helping our customers maintain their vehicles throughout the seasons. We provide a full winterization service, which includes:


  •   Electric start installation
  •   Tire inspection and winter tire installation
  •   Antifreeze and fluid replacement
  •   Brake inspection and repair
  •   Battery testing and replacement
  •   Wiper windshield replacement


We’ll take a look at your car and let you know what it needs to be winter-ready. Additionally, we’d love to show you our inventory of new and used cars in Madison, WI, and to talk with you about additional maintenance and upkeep services. We invite you to schedule an appointment with our car dealership in Madison, WI at your convenience.

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