Should You Follow a Severe Driving Maintenance Schedule?


As a car owner, it’s crucial that you bring your car to a reputable service center for regular maintenance to help ensure a long vehicle lifespan. However, in some instances, you may need to slightly modify your maintenance schedule to fit your driving habits, especially if you are considered a “severe driver.”

Drivers typically fall into one of two categories: normal or severe. Despite the name, a very small percentage of people are considered normal drivers. A majority of drivers, especially those with daily commutes, are more likely to be classified as “severe.”

A few ways to find out if you’re in the category of severe drivers is to look at your typical driving experience. If you find yourself regularly driving in a climate with high humidity, an area where there’s lots of dust, or a location with temperatures that can either exceed 90 degrees or drop below 10 degrees, then you may be a severe driver. In addition to this, you may be part of this group if you take frequent short trips, or trips that involve a lot of stop and go traffic (such as rush hour traffic).

Your car itself can also factor into whether you’ll be classified as a severe driver. “Fleet vehicles” such as tow trucks, police cars, taxis, and delivery vehicles experience a lot of extra wear and tear. Regular maintenance isn’t enough to keep them running smoothly, so it’s best to have them follow a severe driving maintenance schedule as well.

While a normal maintenance schedule involves a review of the entire vehicle, a severe driving maintenance schedule focuses primarily on car fluids, like transmission oil, brake fluid, and engine oil. Make sure that you schedule severe driving maintenance in addition to your normal check-ups.

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