Review: Mercedes-Benz EQA 250 offers space, style and plenty of range

To top off some of the EQA’s cabin highlights, it comes with wireless charging and a two-panel sunroof to let the outside light in.

Behind the scenes is a 66.6kWhr battery pack, which to be honest means very little to me, but it offers up a range of around 400km (WLTP), which really is plenty (particularly if you charge at home) and can be plugged in to a 100KW DC charger. 

The family and I used the EQA 250 extensively throughout the week, running errands, shuttling to school and work, a couple of footie (the round ball type) practices and of course grocery shopping where its boot space of 340L came in very handy. But thanks to its efficient use of power (16.2 kWhr/100km) it meant that I only topped up once – at the free fast-charger near Macca’s.

While on the matter of charging, unlike some other EVs, the power port in the EQA is easy to find (it’s where a regular fuel cap would be) and well out of the way of the likes of front end impacts should they ever occur. And it’s fast too, Mercedes claims 10-80 percent in 37 minutes. Personally, I was down to around 100km in reported range and zipped back up to 300km+ by the time I’d finished listening to a handful of ’80s tunes through the 9-speaker sound system.

Powered by an electric motor, the EQA gives you 140kW/375Nm, its 0-100 time is 8.9 seconds, but this feels faster due to instant torque. Despite weighing in at a shade over 2 tonnes, it feels really well planted in the corners.  

The paddles behind the steering wheel are not for gears as per a normal fossil-fuelled vehicle, but give you access to the EQA’s four stage regen braking system, which I used a lot.

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