Preview: Hyundai Seven EV Features a Minimalist Aesthetic and Loungelike Interior

In its presentation of the Seven, Hyundai spent a lot of time highlighting the interior, where a flexible seating pattern and multiple storage drawers give an impression of what life could be like if the interior of a car could be treated like a miniature living room. A moveable center console contains a display screen and a storage drawer. There are also storage spaces in the dash and along the interior’s driver-side perimeter. Hyundai also highlighted an interior air filtration system similar to those used on passenger aircraft.

Despite these thoughtful touches, there doesn’t seem to be any other cargo space. There could be a “frunk” under the hood, but if there is, Hyundai isn’t saying just yet.

The large open space inside the Seven is made possible by a wide, flat floor and a long wheelbase. The Seven is built on the same Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP) architecture that will underpin all Ioniq EVs for the time being, and has a massive 126-inch wheelbase—that’s a foot longer than the Hyundai Palisade. 

The dash, seats, and doors feature lighting that changes colors and arrangement to highlight different parts of the interior, including what appear to be small lamps visible only when the doors are open. Again, some of these touches may look cool on a concept, but it will remain to be seen how many of them make it into production.

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