Pop-up showroom and roadshow; that’s how Mercedes promoting its EVs in US


Mercedes-Benz has taken a unique strategy to promote its electric cars in the US market. The German luxury car brand is building short-term pop-up showrooms to showcase its 2022 Mercedes-EQS all-electric sedan. The new pop-up showrooms appear more like experience centres and less like conventional dealerships.

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Mercedes-Benz has opened such showrooms in New York and California called Mercedes-EQ Experience. The car brand is also starting roadshows across 20 US cities, where potential consumers will be allowed to take test drives of the electric sedan. The drivers will be able to spend 30 minutes behind the wheel of a Mercedes car.

Mercedes-Benz aims to educate people about the new technologies implemented in the cars of the brand, reports Forbes. The Mercedes-EQ Experience centres will allow visitors to walk through and learn about the automaker’s vision for EVs. The report suggests in these showrooms, there will be EQ models parked. There will be an interactive walkway where footsteps are converted into kinetic energy.

The Experience Center is largely focused on educating about EVs. There will be some elements focussing on other aspects of the high-end auto experience.

This is not the first time, a car brand has taken an innovative strategy to promote its cars. In the EV world, Tesla also took strategy to brought expensive Super Bowl ads to promote its cars. Others too resorted to augmented reality to promote their respective products.

Previously, Tesla allowed a three-minute walk away in its showroom back in 2017 in an attempt to promote its electric cars.

Mercedes-Benz is aiming to become a leading brand in the electric luxury vehicle market in the next decade. The German car brand has already set its target to become an all-electric car brand. Besides that, it is also focusing to become a carbon-neutral car manufacturer.

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