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No one complained about gasoline cars going much further than you would ever drive. As people got used to them, it was realized that long-range means less hassle. With electric cars, the argument is even stronger. Long-range saves you money. If we process data from a recent listing by Visual Capitalist, we discover that the top ten by range (average 316 miles) have half the cost per mile ($206/mile) of the bottom ten. IDTechEx has separately found that long-range electric cars depreciate one-third as much as short-range ones. Indeed, those long-range cars, with about double the range, cycle their batteries half as often, potentially delaying the day when their owners need to buy an eye-wateringly expensive new battery. 80% of the longest-range cars are Teslas and that company is now by far the world’s most valuable car company. What a coincidence.


The new IDTechEx report, “Routes to 1000 Mile (1600km) Battery Electric Cars 2021-2041” cautions about new Chinese cars doing even better because they use the NEDC test cycle that exaggerates range. However, the race is on and the short-range electric cars will go the way of gasoline cars that could only struggle 200 miles or less.


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