Limited spaces to charge electric vehicles

Regarding “Curbside charging sites” (Letters, July 7): The writer contends that if the state wants to encourage electric car ownership, there should be E-car only parking spots, one per city block. This brought to mind the fact that the people who want no cars in San Francisco have fought to reduce the number of, or eliminate, any parking spaces available in newly built apartment buildings.

That leaves someone with an electric car nowhere to plug in at night. How far will the city go to support electric cars? Perhaps each new apartment building should have one or two parking spaces only available for e-cars.

Mary Gardner, San Francisco

Assess water problem

Regarding “Sun never sets on Bay Area NIMBYs” (Editorial, July 8): Your editorial decrying Bay Area NIMBYs and advocating for real affordable housing development omits another powerful dynamic in this debate. There must be room to honestly assess the water resource problem. There are definite limits to California’s water resources; we are in the midst of yet another serious drought. Might acknowledging these limits also bring forth the idea of limiting development in California? Can this be discussed without being accused of being a NIMBY? Can the politically powerful construction industry be refocused and forced to try and address the water resource issue that unchallenged development worsens?

Karen Cliffe, San Francisco

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