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LANSDALE — As the 2022 budget season has begun, Lansdale officials are already considering how to combine the 2019 project with the 2021 project.

Council members heard this week about the success of the town’s electric vehicle charging stations and the next steps the town can take to encourage their use.

“It seems that we spent $ 2,952.11 on the charging station from July 2020 to July 2021. It’s actually the amount of money it costs to distribute electricity to the charging station for free because it’s not charging.” Congressman Carrie Hawkins Charlton said

June 2019 Five electric vehicle charging stations have been operational in autonomous region-owned buildings and parking lots. Said at that time The aim was to promote the use of green energy by providing charges from electricity. Town buy wholesale Resale to residents.In Spring 2021, Solar panel arrays have been operational above Vine Street Autonomous Region City Hall and at Nine Street’s Electrical Headquarters. Hawkins-Charlton told Congress Wednesday night that Congress’s electrical committee is already considering ways to link the two.

First, good news for taxpayers.Autonomous region staff NextEra, Town Energy ProviderAbout the cost of about $ 3,000 for electric cars, and their discussions have produced good news.

“Next Era is one of our suppliers and in the future they will sponsor this for us. Next year, and in the near future, to keep this service free, of all EV charges We will pay for it, “says Hawkins-Charlton.

“We’ll see how it works in the next few years. Perhaps companies may even create a sponsorship program that can sponsor EV chargers. We’re pretty excited about it. I’m doing it, “she said.

She added that the two solar panel arrays are both currently generating electricity, offsetting the electricity used in these borough buildings. Currently running external consultant Green energy research to see the next step.

“We’re talking about the possibility of having a rebate program like PECO, which does a rebate program, if residents install LED lighting and efficient appliances,” she said.

“We are also discussing the possibility of buying land near Landsdale for our solar farm, so we don’t have to pay these high transmission fees to power Landsdale. “Hawkins Charlton said.

Autonomous Region staff and consultants calculate that the town will spend about $ 76 per megawatt hour of externally supplied electricity in 2021 and that cost is projected to rise to $ 87 per megawatt hour by 2026. Did.

“This has nothing to do with our actual electricity tariffs because we are trapped for that. This is the capacity tariff, which is why transmission (cost) is increasing,” Hawkins-Charlton said. Stated.

“Basically, we pay a lot of capacity to secure electricity in the northeastern United States. As you know, in other states, like Texas, where rolling blackouts occurred, we charge for this capacity. So we have to pay for reliability, “she said.

These increased transmission costs can mean less surplus electricity revenue is available. Town to transfer to cover other costs In the annual budget, “so we will have to understand what to do with those shortages,” Hawkins Charlton said.

Increasing the amount of solar power owned by the autonomous region in the region could be one solution, according to councilors, and the town “negotiates to identify new locations for solar power here in the autonomous region. It’s inside. “

Another possible solution suggested by the staff? We will increase the use of these EV chargers by adding more, perhaps in the private community where EV drivers could become power customers in the autonomous region.

“We can help you install these in apartments such as turbo lofts and silk factories. If you want to install them for the inhabitants anyway, we help them work on setting up the line. You’ll have to, “he said.

“It will be totally positive. It will increase electricity demand and will help increase the number of electric vehicles in the autonomous region, which will probably increase in the next few years,” she said.

City council member BJ Breish asked if the current EV charger could be upgraded or expanded to provide faster charging. Hawkins Charlton recalled discussing adding one such station when a parking upgrade took place near a freight station in Broad Street Autonomous Region.

Electrical director Andy Klaus said this could be a one-way discussion, and he and the electrical staff provided funding to investigate third parties and fund these quick chargers. He said he could do it.

“A quick charger is like a refueling facility like going to a gas station,” he said.

“When you connect your car, you can fully charge it in 15-20 minutes. The chargers we currently have are considered” level 2 “chargers, and to fully charge them, 5- I’ve been talking for six hours, “Klaus said.

Bryche said he now considers quick chargers to be one way to “guarantee the future” of the town’s infrastructure. “

Klaus replied that he saw space for both slow chargers in residential areas where cars park for long periods of time at one time and fast chargers in areas with high turnover rates.

Councilor Leon Angelicio asked if Klaus was worth adding a charger and expanding the town’s solar power. “Then the electricity generated for the Landsdale Autonomous Region will be of raw benefit.”

Klaus said it’s already happening elsewhere where companies create “solar canopies” with panels on the top and chargers on the bottom, and Landsdale has already put something similar in the electrical complex on 9th Avenue. Said to have.

“I’ll tell you now. If you go to the electrical department and charge your vehicle with two plugs near the ballfield, it will be charged as soon as the sun rises in the afternoon sky. Sun, and Net Zero in the Autonomous Region. — This is a bit cool to think about. “

The Landsdale Autonomous Region Parliament will then meet on October 20th at 7:00 pm, and the Autonomous Region Electricity Committee will meet next November 3rd at 7:30 pm. Or follow Facebook “Landdale Electric”..

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