Here’s Why Volvo Is Removing Leather In All Of Its Pure Electric Cars


Volvo is taking its next step towards a net-zero carbon footprint, this time by removing all leather seats for their EV models. The decision was made official by Volvo as an ethical step to reduce animal products. The plan is to electrify the whole Volvo fleet and use eco-friendly materials in all their supply chain: one being the cut-off of leather seats. Not only that, but Volvo is aiming to use recycled materials in 25% of their newly released vehicles, including interior materials and eco-friendly supply chain solutions.

Robin Page, Head Of Design at Volvo Cars, mentioned that their decision is based on the ethics that it’s their responsibility to connect with nature and do the right things.

Fun Fact: Volvo was the first automaker to invent a safety belt, a standard feature that has saved the lives of millions of passengers in the past 70 years, they never claimed a trademark on that as part of their ethics for safer and better road safety.

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Driving The Future On 100% Electric And 0% Leather, Starting With The XC40 Recharge


Volvo is kicking off sustainable changes with their XC40 Recharge, the entry-level compact SUV has proven to be a success for Volvo worldwide. Stuart Templar, Director Of Global Sustainability mentioned that they have to rethink the way they have been making cars.

The decision of switching to leather-free seats is directly connected to greenhouse gases, and that’s for a reason. Most leather seat materials come from cattle farming, a process that makes up the biggest portion of livestock gas emissions: 14% to be more precise. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint, Volvo is also considering the vegan side of not using leather seats, each animal life is important and animal abuse is against Volvo’s will.

Not to mention, Volvo makes one of the best seats no matter the material. Their interior design is inspired by Scandinavian home premises which are usually characterized by a cozy, warm, and minimalist feeling.

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A New Dimension Of Interiors And Supply Chain Operations

2022 Volvo XC40 Recharge

Via: Volvo Press Media

Volvo is actively changing the activities, operations, and products to fit in their new “sustainable change”. The ethical management didn’t stop just by replacing the leather seats with linen and cloth: indeed they are also replacing their interior parts with recycled items. This idea is already in use by Toyota, whose Kaizen production process works well, but with a downside – the hard plastic materials that don’t feel as premium and nobody wants that on a new car.


Via: Volvo Press Media

Nordico is a new interior material, found by Volvo for use in their new cars of the next generation. This new interior material sets a premium standard in the recycled interior category made from recycled Pet Bottles and bio-attributed materials from sustainable forests in Sweden and Finland, and corks recycled from the wine industry.

Volvo’s supply chain makes up a huge portion of exported cars from Europe, China, and the US. By actively changing to a more sustainable future, Volvo has also taken a different approach to supply chain operations. Green Supply Chain companies are companies that have taken a number of steps to promote suppliers’ social and environmental responsibility. Volvo’s business-to-business partnerships will now feature green operations and their services must also have a similar approach to protecting the environment or use 100% renewable energy.

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A Move To The Right Direction Shines Light To Volvo’s Name

In the marketing aspect, being the first luxury brand to announce changes in sustainability, especially with a much-requested option like the leather seats among new buyers, seems like playing with fire. This approach however will attract more environmentalists to Volvo cars as their new car of choice. As of right now, Volvo is one of the top luxury brands worldwide and they have proven to be successful in their intentions, saving millions of drivers’ lives, and now to a different approach to saving the world.

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