Here’s What We Love About The 2021 BMW i3

The BMW i3 is part of the brand’s i-range, which boasts all-electric cars. It is a much smaller and more affordable model in comparison to the likes of the i8, a car made for racing and luxury customers.

BMW has made sure to create something that can be suitable for everyone. This is a city car through and through, thanks to its small size, wheelbase layout, and safety controls. It is a fabulous car that has a lot going for it.

So much so, we are sharing everything that we love about the BMW i3.

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The 2021 BMW i3 Has An Enhanced Battery Capacity

Gray BMW i3 2015
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The BMW i3 was first released in 2013 and saw a lot of love. Since then, the team decided to increase its battery capacity by 50% to allow drivers to enjoy up to 189 miles in range. The younger sibling could only offer 100 miles at the most.

This enhanced battery capacity and extended range really help the i3 become competitive in the market. Most electric cars are aiming for the longest ranges possible, with some almost exceeding the 300 miles mark like the Teslas. Therefore, it was a great choice to increase its range so that it doesn’t fall behind in the forever-growing EV world.

Short Wheelbase Of The i3

Orange BMW i3

A short wheelbase seems like a strange thing to rave about. But, it is a factor of the BMW i3 that contributes towards its great tight turning abilities. Paired with its skinny tires, its short wheelbase makes tight corners extremely easy, which is key for a city car.

Moreover, it makes the car easy to handle and ideal for beginners or anyone that drives down country lanes on a regular basis and has to make plenty of tight turns.

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The Stripped-Back Interior

Black BMW i3
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The interior of the BMW i3 is like anything else you will ever see in the EV market. There is barely anything to look at, and that’s something to love. There are minimal distractions thanks to the lack of a transmission stick or much in the ways of a modern infotainment system.

All you will find inside the interior are the seats, steering wheel, a few dials, and what’s on the dashboard. What you will find on the dashboard is a 10.25-inch display that is operated by the familiar rotary controller, which features the BMW iDrive system. Overall, the interior isn’t much to look at, but it certainly makes the BMW i3 unique and easy to distinguish. The i3 keeps it simple and does what is needed of it.

Moreover, although the i3 is a pretty small city hatchback, you will find plenty of space inside. In our opinion, there is a lot to love about the BMW i3. In particular, its design makes it stand out as quite the impeccable small city car.

BMW i3
2021 BMW i3: Costs, Facts, And Figures

The BMW i3 was one of the pioneering electric vehicles. It showcases practicality, fun, and a touch of luxury for under $50,000.

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