Everyhing You Need To Know About Lamborghini’s Electrification Plans

The switch to electric cars is now a craze that is sweeping the auto industry. Even low production luxury cars like Lamborghini are getting caught up in it. In the last year or so we have heard one car company after another announcement that they are switching over to fully electric vehicles 5, 10 or 15 years from now.

In fact, it seems all the major car companies in Europe and America (except for BMW) have announced they have now canceled all further research and development into the next generation of internal combustion engines.

Ford Europe has stated that they are planning to only sell electric cars from 2030, while GM has announced that they are aiming to be fully electric by 2035. Some car companies have set dates even sooner. And now it’s Lamborghini‘s turn. Here is everything you need to know about Lamborghini’s plan to electrify its fleet.

The Urgency


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Countries around the world are moving to ban the sale of new traditional combustion engine cars. Many of them, like the UK, will be banning them by 2030, while Norway is banning them in 2025.


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Cities may also be bringing in strict rules about what people can drive into the cities. Also, the meteorite rise of Tesla to become the most valuable car company in the world is a warning shot to those slow to transition and fall behind.

The Investment


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Lamborghini is spending big on electrifying its fleet. It has announced that it plans to invest around $1.8 billion in electric car technology. That is a lot of money for a car company that only received around $700 million or so of income annually (according to 2014 figures).


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