China’s electric SUV offering 1000km of range

A new electric SUV from GAC is about to enter full-scale production, with a claimed driving range allowing a trip from Sydney to Melbourne without stopping.


A new medium-sized SUV is about to enter production in China, potentially offering owners 1000km of range from a single charge.

If true, the 2022 GAC Aion LX will lay claim to having the longest all-electric range of any production car on sale, overtaking the current title-holder – the Tesla Model S Long Range.

The Tesla offers a claimed range of 652km, meaning the Aion LX offers a driving range 53 per cent better than the Model S. Or to put it another way, it’s roughly the equivalent of a Tesla Model S Long Range and a Nissan Leaf hatch combined.

However, while Tesla’s range claim is tested against the WLTP cycle – a testing protocol accepted internationally – it’s not clear what test conditions were used by GAC to achieve the ‘kilo’.

GAC Motor announced the Aion LX achieved a maximum range of 904km during hot-weather testing, in which the vehicle was driven through 36-degree heat and 90 per cent humidity – suggesting the 1000km range would be possible in locations with more favourable conditions.

The company’s new spongy silicon cathode technology is said to allow greater energy density with less weight – with the Aion LX’s battery being 14 per cent lighter and 20 per cent smaller than previous packs – leading to a 150kWh battery pack in the vehicle. For comparison, the biggest battery in the Tesla Model S is 100kWh.


The Chinese automotive industry has been chasing the golden 1000km figure as a way of winning over buyers from traditional petrol and diesel cars.

It’s the equivalent of driving from Shanghai to Wuhan, London to Zurich, or Sydney to Melbourne – with range to spare.

But GAC isn’t the only manufacturer with big claims. Chinese car maker Nio says its upcoming ET7 sedan will use cutting-edge solid-state batteries in order to achieve 1000km, with production promised to start in 2022.

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