Charging prices rise in the UK over December

From 1 December, new prices are being applied across the BP Pulses’ UK network. The cost per kWh of energy for subscribers has risen from 23p to 32p for the standard public chargers with AC 43kW/DC 50kW and from 29p to 38p for registered users.

The companys’ fastest devices, performing at 150 kW, will now cost 38p per kWh subscribers, 44p for registered users and 50p for pay-as-you-go users, while the slower 7kW units cost from 28p per kWh. Simultaneously, Instavolt has announced a price hike from 40p per kWh to 45p  effective from 1 December

“We’ve always worked hard to keep the cost of charging as low as possible, and we’ve been cheaper than our competitors for some time,” said network lead Mark Bloxham, adding: “we’re now no longer able to absorb the rising costs.”

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