All The Details On The New Next Generation Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The future of the automotive industry is at a turning
point. As the world continues to make strides towards a low
emission, electric vehicle-centric future, the technology
behind these changes is evolving at an exponential rate.
With every year that goes by, there are fewer and fewer
reasons to choose a traditional combustion engine vehicle
from their electrical and hybrid counterparts. In New
Zealand, Kiwis are being further incentivised to purchase
low emission vehicles through the government’s
implementation of the Clean Car Discount.

The Next
Generation Outlander 2022 recently landed on New Zealand
shores, and the verdict is in – the reimagined midsize SUV
has exceeded all expectations. It capitalised on all the
features that fans of the Outlander have come to expect
while adding additional features, performance and wrapping
it up in a fresh, modern design package. While many were
satisfied with Mitsubishi’s latest offering on their tent
pole SUV, with the innovation seen in the previous
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, it was to be expected that people
would wait with bated breath for the next-generation
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

The next-generation
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2022
is set to be released
early next year, so the wait is almost over. But don’t
fear, we have some new details on what customers can expect
from the revolutionary plug-in hybrid SUV.

Powerful, More Efficient, and a Bigger Battery Capacity to
Keep you on the Move.

The Next Generation Outlander
PHEV takes what made its antecedent so special and continues
to innovate on it. By taking advantage of Mitsubishi’s
Super-All Wheel Control, the latest Outlander PHEV delivers
punchy but controlled performance on the road while
simultaneously increasing the vehicle’s driving range.
Within this space, consumers have grown accustomed to small,
gradual increments of improvement over time, but the next
generation Outlanders PHEV technology is set to challenge
these assumptions. The 45% increase in battery capacity
brings the EV range up by 52% over the previous model,
meaning that over 90% of New Zealanders using this as their
daily driver can take full advantage of a fuel-free future.
But don’t let this fact make you underestimate the
next-generation Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV’s ability to
take you on an adventure as its combined range has also seen
an incredible 50% increase.

With the increase in
performance, efficiency and range, the latest PHEV from
Mitsubishi is hard to fault – and Mitsubishi has recognised
that they have a winner on their hands as they have extended
the line up to three different models to suit a wide range
of potential customers.

The Next Generation Outlander

$59,990 + ORC

The Outlander PHEV LS
is a 5 seater model featuring a fabric interior. The
reimagined SUV’s smart PHEV technology sits on 18-inch
alloy wheels and has front and rear parking sensors to help
navigate tight spaces. The wireless Apple Carplay, embedded
Satellite Navigation and dual-zone climate control make for
a comfortable driving experience.

Never to compromise
on safety, Mitsubishi has also included Forward Collision
Mitigation, Adaptive Cruise Control and a 12.3-inch Digital
Driver Display.

The Next Generation Outlander

$66,990 + ORC

The XLS model variant
includes all the features of the LS as well as additional
upgrades. These include 7 seats donned in a synthetic
leather interior and 20-inch alloy wheels. The interior
includes extra conveniences and comforts including wireless
smartphone charging, triple-zone climate control and a
leather-wrapped steering wheel.

The Next Generation
Outlander VRX

$72,990 + ORC

The ultimate
next-generation Outlander PHEV is the VRX model. While it
includes all the features of the LS and XLS models, it takes
everything a step further. It boasts a leather-appointed
interior and a BOSE sound system that is sure to satisfy any
audiophile. It puts the driver in full control with a
10.8-inch heads-up display equipped with a multi around view
monitor, kick/power tailgate, adaptive LED headlights and a
Power Panoramic Sunroof.

Even More Reasons To Choose
the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 2022

This year, the New
Zealand government introduced a scheme known as the Clean
Car Discount. This is a cash rebate on all new electric,
hybrid and low emission vehicles. It is part of New
Zealand’s commitment to lowering our country’s carbon
footprint. The next-generation Outlander PHEV is eligible
for the Clean Car Discount, with a rebate of

If this isn’t enough, the next-generation
Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is covered by one of the most
extensive warranties in the industry- the Diamond Advantage
Warranty. This is a 10 year or 160,000km comprehensive
warranty on the vehicle’s powertrain – covering all the
major internal mechanical components that comprise the
engine, gearbox, transfer box and differentials. In addition
to this, the PHEV also includes an 8 year or 160,000km
battery warranty.

Simon Lucas
is waiting in anticipation for the arrival of
the latest Outlander PHEV and will continue to update our
patient customers as soon as we know the exact date it will
be released. What we know for certain is that with global
supply chain delays and semiconductor shortages, chances are
the supply for the Outlander PHEV is unlikely to meet the
demand. Avoid disappointment by visiting our website’s Mitsubishi
Outlander PHEV
page to send us an enquiry about
pre-ordering and securing your vehicle

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