3 Marketing Benefits of Electric Cars


Business owners are well aware of the many methods of marketing. Whether it’s with mailers advertising special discounts or targeted social media promotions, they’ve likely tried many ways to draw in customers. 

But there’s one method that may not have crossed many owners’ minds just yet: electric vehicle charging stations. As the globe quickly electrifies, offering this service to employees and customers may be one way for businesses to show they’re ready to usher in that new age.

If recent news is any indication, more owners are realizing that installing EV charging stations can be a boon to business. Giant Food just announced it would be installing Volta charging stations at one of its grocery stores in Fairfax, Virginia. Bridgestone plans to install EVBox chargers at its retail stores across Europe over the next five years. Hotels, doctor’s offices and major retailers — anywhere people stop to stay awhile —  are all potential targets for charging stations.

These businesses are getting in on the charging game because they know that it’s where consumer demand is headed. Yes, it’s a sound decision for sustainability — but it’s also smart marketing. Let’s look at a few of the benefits of electric car charging stations and explore how your business can showcase its commitment to EVs to reach more customers.

3 Marketing Benefits of Electric Cars

There are many advantages to being among the first businesses to offer EV charging stations for public use. This move helps you draw in new customers, attract the best employees and build loyalty to your brand.

  1. Attract a New — Increasingly Green — Customer Base

Even if you’re not thinking about electric vehicles much, your customers probably are. A 2020 survey by Consumer Reports showed that 71% of U.S. drivers would consider buying an electric vehicle in the future. That’s a lot of potential customers and clients who may be looking for a place to charge very soon. 

Not only that, but sentiments about charging availability among current EV owners are mixed. J.D. Power reports that drivers feel they can’t always find a convenient charging station when they need one. This is especially true outside the Northeast and Northwest.

Offering more people a place to charge shows that your business is committed to solving this problem. If your customers are switching to electric vehicles, and it’s between your business with a place to charge and a competitor’s business with no charging station, which spot do you think they’ll choose?

  1. Build Brand Loyalty

Consumer attitudes have been shifting in favor of sustainably minded business for decades now, but this has quickly become a top priority in recent years. The “2019 CGS Consumer Sustainability Survey” revealed that a business’s sustainable and ethical practices were the number two reason for brand loyalty — behind only product quality. This attitude was especially strong among Gen Z, the newest consumers and employees businesses must attract.

At a time when it seems like consumer sentiment can be so quickly swayed by social media or one bad PR move, committing to sustainability can be a way to secure stronger loyalty to your brand. One benefit of electric car charging stations at your business is that they put this commitment front and center.

  1. Gain and Retain Top-Talent Employees

If your customers are looking for a place to charge, you can bet your employees are, too. And no one spends more time parked at your offices than your employees. 

With workplace commutes slowly returning to everyday life, you can bet that many workers are considering the best possible scenario for them. If they have to go back to the office, they may now have to drive even farther because they moved during the pandemic. Maybe you can’t offer fully remote work. But could you help ease the commuting burden with EV charging stations for your staff?

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that 91% of employers heard positive feedback from workers when they installed charging stations. Don’t wait to offer this benefit — or your best employees may go looking elsewhere.

How To Showcase Your Commitment to Electric Cars

That’s not to say that simply installing charging stations is enough to maximize their marketing benefits. There are a few things you should do to make sure your employees and customers know what you’re up to.

Advertise It Loudly Around Your Building

It should be obvious to anyone who comes to your building that you have charging stations available for them. Post signage in your parking areas and inside your business showcasing that you have chargers and where people can find them.

Go even further with your employees. This is a chance not only to satisfy those who already have plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) but also to motivate those who are on the fence about them. Take the opportunity to educate them about the benefits of PEVs and your company’s commitment to helping them take the leap.

Promote Across Media Channels

While you should be careful not to overdo how you promote your company’s commitment to sustainability, that doesn’t mean you should keep it quiet, either. When you install EV charging stations, it’s an opportunity — through social media, on your website, and in emails and press releases — to explain why this is important to your company and what it offers your clientele. 

Post videos of customers charging up at your business. Share stories of workers who love the convenience of charging at the office. Don’t be shy about inviting the public to come check it out.

You should also take advantage of your Google My Business account to advertise your charging stations and better target local searches. Update your business information to include that you offer them and optimize your website and listing for searches like “charging stations near me” or “where to charge my car in [YOUR CITY].”

Participate in Green Events

Be sure your business is active in events that promote PEV adoption and advertise where people can charge their cars. National Drive Electric Week is foremost on the national stage, and your business should be heavily involved in any events taking place in your area, as well as participating online. Encourage employees to volunteer together and consider a company sponsorship.

Don’t ignore local events like California Clean Air Day or Spare the Air initiatives in the Bay Area. Check in your vicinity for what local groups are doing and any special events that may be on the calendar.

Time Is of the Essence

The world of transportation is changing quickly, and fully electric cars are at the center of that shift. In the U.S. alone, we’re likely to need more than 55 million charge points at buildings all across the country by 2030. As consumer demand changes, so does the need for charging infrastructure.

Businesses that act quickly will get the most marketing momentum by grabbing the attention of consumers and workers that are already passionate about these issues. They’ll also take advantage of significant tax credits before they’re gone. These are just a few of the benefits of electric car charging you can take advantage of.

What are you waiting for? Reach out to EV Connect today and let us help you make a plan to install EV charging at your business.

Luke Daugherty is a freelance writer, editor and former operations manager based in St. Louis. His work covers operations, marketing, sustainable business and personal finance, as well as many of his personal passions, including coffee, music and social issues.


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